Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Filler to under eyes or eyelid surgery

Many of my lower eyelid surgery Houston patients inquire about filler for the lower eyelids before ultimately proceeding with lower eyelid surgery. Filler for the lower eyelids using Restylane or Juvederm is a good option for those patients not interested in surgery or who are not good candidates for lower eyelid bags surgery. Filler for the tear trough is an excellent option in these patients and can allow for a 40-50% improvement in the appearance of lower eyelid bags. This lasts for 6-9 months. Lower eyelid surgery will allow for about an 80-90% improvement in the lower eyelids and lasts about 7 years. Recovery for filler under the eyes is less than 1 day and for lower blepharoplasty is about 10 days.

Dr. Funk performs lower eyelid surgery in Houston.