Skin tightening vs Facelift

Many of my Houston facelift patients may not want the downtime of a facelift, want to avoid anesthesia, or avoid surgery. Another less invasive option for these patients may be a skin tightening procedure. It is important to note that skin tightening procedures such as Ulthera and Radiofrequency tightening only provide a fraction of the result a facelift or neck lift would produce. If you get a 80% improvement with a facelift, skin tightening may provide a 20-30% improvement.

At Funk Facial Plastic Surgery we now offer Radiofrequency Microneedling which combines the texture and pore size improving treatment of microneedling with a radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin. This procedure is done in the office with just topical anesthesia. You can expect redness for 1-2 days and you are able to apply makeup within 12-24 hours. Treatment takes about 15-20 minutes and requires 3 treatment sessions 1 month apart.

Dr. Funk is a facelift surgery in Houston

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