Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Non Surgical Skin Tightening

Our new Pixel 8-RF device in Houston combines micro-needling with the power of radiofrequency energy to a provide a non-surgical option for skin tightening and skin remodeling. The micro-needles deliver this energy which will helps stimulate new collagen and elastin throughout the skin. This will ultimately result in firmer, smoother, and more consistent appearing skin.

The beauty in this device, as opposed to laser treatment, is that we can use it for all skin types without the risk of pigment changes and scarring. This is an in office procedure that is very tolerable with topical numbing cream. Downtime is only about 24 hours and then you can apply makeup and return to routine activities.

Dr. Funk is a facial plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas.

How to improve a flat nose

Many of my Houston ethnic rhinoplasty patients complain of a flat bridge or flat nose and want this built up. This may be the case with Asian rhinoplasty or African American rhinoplasty. Many different types of materials can be used to build up the bridge such as rib cartilage or an artificial implant. Building up the tip is also important or otherwise it will seem as though there is a nasal hump.

Correcting wide or flared nostrils is also important with ethnic rhinoplasty. This can be done by narrowing the base of the nose and the circumference of the nostrils.

Dr. Funk is an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist in Houston Texas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Will rhinoplasty scar go away?

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients acquire about whether their scar between their nostrils and on each side of their nostrils will fade or go away. The mid columellar scar for open rhinoplasty is one that will remain slightly red for the first several weeks after rhinoplasty. However, by 6 months, this scar should completely fade and be quite inconspicuous.

The alar scars for wide nostrils or wide alar base will also be slightly red and then fade around the same timeline. These are common with ethnic rhinoplasty.

All other rhinoplasty scars should be internal.

Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston Texas.