Monday, December 31, 2018

How long does a mini facelift last?

Many of my Houston facelift patients will ask how long a facelift will last. Others interested in just a mini facelift are also questioning how long the result for their jawline and jowls will last. The answer here is that it depends on the surgeon’s extent of dissection.

Facelifts, whether a mini facelift, full facelift, or face and neck lift, can vary based on the surgeon’s level of dissection. A skin flap is always elevated to reach the SMAS which is the fascia that is suspended with a facelift. With a neck lift, the skin over the neck is also elevated and the platysma muscle (which is the extension of the SMAS in the neck) is tightened. The DEPTH of dissection of the SMAS is what is the next most important aspect. With SMAS plication, it is not elevated and sutures are simply placed to suspend it. This is the shortest lasting (2-4 years) of facelifts and will not provide much improvement for the mid face or give as impressive of a lift. With SMAS elevation, there can be more suspension and a longer lasting/tighter lift (5-7 years). Lastly is the deep plane lift which Dr. Funk typically performs. With this lift, whether as a mini facelift or full face/neck lift, the ligaments holding the SMAS down are released giving the longest lasting and most impressive lift. This facelift will typically last 10-15 years before another may be needed.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Will revision rhinoplasty take longer to heal?

I have long discussions with my Houston revision rhinoplasty patients informing them that the healing process does take longer than with primary rhinoplasty or first time nose job patients. There are multiple reasons for this. Every time a rhinoplasty is performed, scar tissue is left behind between the skin and cartilage. This scar tissue envelops the cartilage and makes it less malleable and more difficult to shape. After the revision rhinoplasty there is new scar tissue deposited on top of the old scar tissue from the previous rhinoplasty. This leads to longer healing time and less predictable wound healing. One can expect swelling at 3 months with revision rhinoplasty to be the equivalent of swelling at 1 month with primary rhinoplasty which is about 30%.

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Double eyelid surgery in Houston

Some of my Asian patients ask about double eyelid surgery in Houston or blepharoplasty is usually in reference to Asian eyelid surgery. Typical Asian eyelids do not have a proper supra tarsal crease. This is the crease that forms in the upper eyelid. Double eyelid surgery creates this new crease. This procedure is one that requires significant experience as Asian skin can also scar poorly.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Rhinoplasty risks

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients ask about the risks of rhinoplasty or nose job surgery. Just like any surgery where there is an incision made in the skin, there is the risk of bleeding, pain, infection, numbness, and scar. Specific risks to rhinoplasty are poor wound healing leading to irregularities in the shape of the nose or cartilage graft resorption. If a septoplasty is performed, there is the risk of a septal perforation which is quite rare.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Non Surgical Skin Tightening

Our new Pixel 8-RF device in Houston combines micro-needling with the power of radiofrequency energy to a provide a non-surgical option for skin tightening and skin remodeling. The micro-needles deliver this energy which will helps stimulate new collagen and elastin throughout the skin. This will ultimately result in firmer, smoother, and more consistent appearing skin.

The beauty in this device, as opposed to laser treatment, is that we can use it for all skin types without the risk of pigment changes and scarring. This is an in office procedure that is very tolerable with topical numbing cream. Downtime is only about 24 hours and then you can apply makeup and return to routine activities.

Dr. Funk is a facial plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas.