Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Lower eyelid wrinkles and eyelid surgery

Many of my Houston eyelid surgery patients have lower eyelid wrinkles that they would like addressed. They may not have bags under the eyes or dark circles under the eyes but want the lower eyelid wrinkles improved. This can be done in numerous ways depending on the extent of the wrinkles and the texture of the skin.

Those patients with few wrinkles may benefit from a small amount of Botox or Dysport to the lower eyelid to help with these wrinkles. Others may require a minor surgical procedure called a lower eyelid skin pinch where a small amount of skin is pinched and removed just below the lower eyelid margin and lashes. Lastly, lower eyelid laser treatment is the an option where thin crepe skin can be lasered and tightened to create a smoother lower eyelid appearance.

Dr. Funk is a lower eyelid surgeon in Houston, Texas.