Eyelid surgery and contact lenses

Many of my Houston eyelid surgery patients will ask when they can wear their contact lenses after eyelid surgery. For upper eyelid surgery, most patients can wear their contact lenses about one week after surgery as long as they are healing appropriately and are not having eye irritation due to dry eye. Patients can also continue with their artificial tears even with their contacts after upper blepharoplasty.

For lower eyelid surgery or lower eyelid bag surgery, one may need to wait 10-14 days before placing contacts. This is due to the fact that during placement of contacts, frequently the lower eyelid is pulled down. This may tear incisions that are healing and impact long term outcome. In addition, lower eyelid surgery causes more swelling such as chemosis and this needs to resolve prior to placement of contacts.

Dr. Funk performs upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid bags surgery in Houston.

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