Friday, May 31, 2019

Is liposuction required with a facelift

When performing a facelift, frequently liposuction is required to contour the neck and under the jawline. Some of my Houston facelift patients have significant amounts of fat under the chin creating a double chin and along the jawline. Liposuction will assist with creating the desired jaw neck line in addition to tightening the muscle and fascia as is done with a facelift or neck lift. Sometimes, there is very little fat in the neck and a facelift or neck lift will only need the tightening aspect without liposuction. Other times, the neck fat can be directly excised without liposuction.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Contact sports after rhinoplasty

A common question from my Houston rhinoplasty patients is regarding the recovery after rhinoplasty. Many nose jog surgery patients want to know when they can resume normal activities after their rhinoplasty. Normal work out routine can typically be resumed 2 weeks after rhinoplasty. However, because the nasal bones are frequently fractured during rhinoplasty, contact sports where the nose may be injured should be avoided for 6-8 weeks. Just as we wear a cast on a broken arm for 6-8 weeks, this is how long it takes bones to heal.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hollow lower eyelids after eyelid surgery

Some of my Houston eyelid surgery patients who come in for consultation are concerned about reading that lower eyelid surgery for lower eyelid bags may lead to a hollowed out appearance of the lower eyelids. Their concerns are valid and this is something I always address with patients.

Lower eyelid bags are due to fat that has begun to push out from its retaining wall called the septum. With lower eyelid surgery, these bags are reduced in size. However, removing too much fat can lead to a hollowed out appearance of the lower eyelids and a sunken appearance. It is therefore imperative that the surgeon uses judicious technique with lower eyelid surgery to not remove excessive amounts of fat. In addition, the fat that is removed can be repositioned just over the bony rim of the lower eyelid to fill the tear trough and create a better transition between the lower eyelids and cheek.

Dr. Funk performs lower eyelid surgery for lower eyelid bags in Houston.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Can rhinoplasty make you more attractive?

Many of the Houston rhinoplasty consults I see have attractive features to their face such as their eyes, lips, cheeks, and hair. However, their crooked nose, nasal hump, wide nose, or bulbous tip may distract from these features. Rhinoplasty is meant to create a natural looking nose that is proportionate to the rest of the face and blends in nicely with the rest of the face. It should enhance the other features of the face and make them pop or shine. People should then be less focused with the nose after rhinoplasty and pay more attention to the previously mentioned features.

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Will a facelift raise my brows?

Although the eyebrows are part of the face, a facelift or face and neck lift will generally not elevate the brows. This is a common question from my Houston facelift patients. A facelift is meant to tighten the jawline and treat the sagging jowls and neck. A deep plane facelift or vertical facelift will even elevate the mid face to create higher cheek bones and fuller more youthful cheeks.

A brow lift will elevate the eyebrows. This may solely be a temporal brow lift which elevates the lateral brow or a full endoscopic brow lift which will elevated the entire brow and resect some of the frown muscles. These procedures are separate from a facelift but can be incorporated to be performed at the same time as a facelift.

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