Tuesday, May 7, 2019

What can be done about my nostril scars after rhinoplasty?

Some of my Houston ethnic rhinoplasty patients may express concern about their scars after narrowing the nostrils or an alar base reduction. The incisions for this procedure are around the nostrils and in an area of thicker skin. In addition, closure of these incisions is under a small amount of tension as skin and tissue are removed when narrowing the nostrils. These factors lead to more of a scar compared to the mid columellar scar in open rhinoplasty.

Once the scar has matured and enough time has passed to allow to heal, if there is still a hypertrophic scar around the nostrils or any irregularity, numerous treatments may be tried. Steroid injection into the scar may soften it and create less irregularity. In addition, dermabrasion may soften the scar and settle any irregularity in this crease after alar base reduction with rhinoplasty.

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