Will a facelift raise my brows?

Although the eyebrows are part of the face, a facelift or face and neck lift will generally not elevate the brows. This is a common question from my Houston facelift patients. A facelift is meant to tighten the jawline and treat the sagging jowls and neck. A deep plane facelift or vertical facelift will even elevate the mid face to create higher cheek bones and fuller more youthful cheeks.

A brow lift will elevate the eyebrows. This may solely be a temporal brow lift which elevates the lateral brow or a full endoscopic brow lift which will elevated the entire brow and resect some of the frown muscles. These procedures are separate from a facelift but can be incorporated to be performed at the same time as a facelift.

Dr. Funk performs facelift and brow lift surgery in Houston.

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