Hollow lower eyelids after eyelid surgery

Some of my Houston eyelid surgery patients who come in for consultation are concerned about reading that lower eyelid surgery for lower eyelid bags may lead to a hollowed out appearance of the lower eyelids. Their concerns are valid and this is something I always address with patients.

Lower eyelid bags are due to fat that has begun to push out from its retaining wall called the septum. With lower eyelid surgery, these bags are reduced in size. However, removing too much fat can lead to a hollowed out appearance of the lower eyelids and a sunken appearance. It is therefore imperative that the surgeon uses judicious technique with lower eyelid surgery to not remove excessive amounts of fat. In addition, the fat that is removed can be repositioned just over the bony rim of the lower eyelid to fill the tear trough and create a better transition between the lower eyelids and cheek.

Dr. Funk performs lower eyelid surgery for lower eyelid bags in Houston.

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