How does a facelift work?

Facelift surgery can be confusing to many people researching the procedure. With my Houston facelift consults, I explain the process in detail while pointing things out on the patients face. Typically the incisions for a facelift are in front and behind the ear. The extent of the incisions is dependent on the extent of dissection and whether the neck will be addressed. After the incisions are made, the skin is elevated in the superficial plane just under skin. The SMAS or fascia and the platysma are the structures that are suspended to create the “lift”. Some may simply place sutures to suspend this SMAS or platysma. Others may slightly elevate the SMAS and lastly is the deep plane facelift. Here, the SMAS is elevated and the retaining ligaments are cut and released beneath the SMAS. This allow for the maximal lift and creates a longer lasting and more impressive facelift. After the SMAS and platysma are suspended, the excess skin is removed and the incisions are closed. Drains may or may not be placed. A pressure dressing is applied and the patient is taken to the recovery room.

Dr. Funk performs facelifts in Houston.

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