Friday, August 9, 2019

Pain behind ears after facelift surgery

Many of my Houston facelift patients have described pain behind the ears after their facelift. This is an issue that should be relayed to your facelift surgeon and could have many causes. The most common cause of pain behind the ears after a facelift or a neck lift is the stitch or suture that is placed from the platysma/SMAS to the lining or periosteum over the mastoid bone behind the earlobe. The muscle that turns the neck, the sternocleidomastoid inserts on this mastoid bone and turning of the head will contract this muscle which may cause some of the pulling/pain. This is not uncommon for the first few weeks.

Pain behind the ears with a facelift should be examined by your surgeon to assure there is not a hematoma after a neck lift. This can lead to skin loss in this area and scarring. Sometimes, simply sending a photo of the area would be sufficient.

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