Is there a treatment for my platysma bands?

Many of my Houston facelift patients who come in for a facelift or neck lift consultation ask what can be done for the bands in their neck. It is important to understand what causes these bands. Platysma bands are caused by loosening of the platysma muscle in the neck with concomitant thinning of the neck skin. The edge of the platysma will descend laterally and inferiorly leading to the bands typically seen as an upside down V when looking at the patient.

These plastysmal bands can be treated a number of ways. Botox or Dysport can be injected into these bands to soften the muscle edge and make the bands less prominent. A platysmaplasty or neck lift would entail elevating the skin off of these bands and removing some of the fat between them. Then the bands are sewn together like a corset. Lastly, the entire platysma is suspended towards the bone behind the ear and this tightens the platysma and ultimately eliminating the platysma bands.

Dr. Funk performs neck lift surgery in Houston.

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