Rhinoplasty for thick skinned nasal tip

Many of my Houston ethnic rhinoplasty patients present for consultation with thick nasal tip skin. With these patients, one of their major concerns is their bulbous tip. Creating a more refined nasal tip with rhinoplasty on a patient with thick nasal tip skin can be difficult. The analogy that I give many of my ethnic rhinoplasty patients is that their bone and cartilage is like a block of marble. I will carve a fine detailed statue out of the block of marble. For the unveiling of this statue, I may wrap it tight with a thin sheet (someone with thin nasal tip skin) and the details are visible. However, if they have thick nasal tip skin, this is more like a comforter that is wrapped around the statue. Some of the details of the statue may not be as visible. Thick nasal tip skin can be debulked from the inside, but ultimately, the tip cannot be made as refined as someone with thin skin.

Dr. Funk is a top ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston, Texas.

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