Open or Closed Approach for Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

There is still some debate regarding which approach to rhinoplasty or nose surgery is best. I prefer the open or external rhinoplasty approach the majority of the time as it allows excellent visualization of all the cartilaginous and bony structure of the nose. This allows for accurate cartilage graft placement, precise recontouring and refinement of the nose and excellent exposure for suture placement.

There is an external scar between the nostrils with the open approach but I have found that with meticulous closure, this scar is imperceptible after surgery. Another concern is that there may be more swelling with the open approach. I believe that with proper technique, proper taping, and a little bit of time, most patients feel the majority of their swelling has resolved at 4-6 weeks and are very satisfied with their appearance.

Dr. Funk is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas specializing in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty.

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