Can Rhinoplasty fix Sinus Problems

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery to address the shape of the nose can also improve your breathing by straightening a deviated septum or making turbinates smaller. This will improve your nasal airway and nasal airflow.

If you suffer from nasal allergies, you will likely continue to be allergic to the same substances after your nose surgery. However, making the turbinates smaller, will not allow the allergic response to be as severe. You will not have as much congestion with bad allergies after turbinate reduction.

That being said, rhinoplasty will not improve or reduce the amount of sinus infections you have. Many of my patients who come see me for rhinoplasty or a nose job have repeated sinus infections as well. Based on your history and results of your CAT scan, you may be a candidate for sinus surgery in addition to your rhinoplasty. Sinus surgery can be performed at the same time of rhinoplasty. With sinus surgery, the opening between the sinus and nasal airway is widened allowing the mucus to more easily drain from the sinus and prevent future sinus infections.

Dr. Funk is a nose surgery specialist in Houston, TX.

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