Does Rhinoplasty Help Snoring

Many of my patients who present for nose surgery consultation ask if rhinoplasty can help snoring. Snoring results from vibrations from the base of tongue or soft palate during certain stages of sleep. In the deeper stages of sleep, the muscles in the body become weak and flaccid and these muscles in the soft palate or base of tongue can move and vibrate - especially when airflow is mainly directed through the mouth.

If there are issues inside the nose like a deviated septum or turbinate hypertrophy, these can lead to decreased nasal airflow. By straightening a deviated septum with septoplasty or reducing the size of the turbinates, airflow can bypass the areas of the base of tongue and soft palate that may lead to the vibrations that cause snoring. I therefore inform my patients that nose surgery can significantly improve if not cure snoring alone.

Sometimes, the soft palate is too long, redundant, or weak and procedures are necessary to stiffen the palate such as the Pillar procedure.

Dr. Funk is a nose specialist in Houston, TX.

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