Is a nose job painful?

Many patients may be apprehensive or nervous about having nose job surgery due to concern over pain or discomfort. Is a nose job painful - this is a common question I receive during consultation.

I have to start off by saying that everyone’s pain threshold is different. Some may tolerate very little pain and require pain medications while others may do just fine after nose surgery with tylenol alone. Rhinoplasty is more uncomfortable than painful and causes considerable congestion inside the nose. This is the most common complaint after nose surgery.

It should be understood that the discomfort with a nose job is mainly over the first 1-2 days after surgery. By day 4 you should feel like you are back to the land of the living and capable of performing some basic activities of daily living around the house. In the end, 1-2 days of discomfort is well worth a lifetime of a softer, more refined nose.

Dr. Funk is a nose job expert in Houston.

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