Is rhinoplasty covered by health insurance

Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is typically a surgery described to change the outside appearance of the nose. There is such a thing called “functional rhinoplasty”, where the same open rhinoplasty approach for cosmetic changes is taken, but only functional ones are made. This type of surgery is reserved for a severely deviated nasal septum or valve collapse. Sometimes the entire deviated or caudal septum is removed and a new septum is built with complex septoplasty techniques. Spreader or batten grafts may be used to support the valve. If you are considering cosmetic changes to your nose and will have an open rhinoplasty anyhow for functional issues, that is typically a good time to make concomitant cosmetic changes.

Health insurance (depending on the carrier and type of coverage) typically will cover functional rhinoplasty. But once cosmetic changes are considered such as taking down a hump, straightening a nose, rotating the tip, or refining a bulbous tip, insurance will not pay for these changes.

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