Nose surgery for Reconstructing the Nasal Tip after Bite Trauma

This week I performed rhinoplasty or nose surgery to reconstruct a patient’s nasal tip after bite trauma years prior. The patient had multiple nasal surgeries to attempt reconstruction with skin grafts and cartilage. However, the nose still looked quite distorted and the patient continued to have breathing issues with a deviated septum.

Nasal reconstruction required removal of the entire nasal tip skin which had significant scarring, contour deformities, and discolored, patchy skin grafts. The tip also lacked significant projection and needed to be built up with cartilage grafts.

Fortunately, after performing septoplasty, the patient had some septal cartilage remaining that I was able to use in addition to her ear cartilage to rebuild the tip.

Next, I rotated a forehead flap of skin to resurface the entire nasal tip. The next step will be to detach the forehead flap in 3 weeks.

Dr. Funk is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and facial reconstruction.

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