Rhinoplasty to repair the nasal valve

Nasal valve collapse can cause significant nasal airway obstruction. The nasal valve is the area of the highest resistance to nasal airflow. Obstruction through the valve region can occur due to trauma, simple genetics, or a deviated septum.

Rhinoplasty, with septoplasty, can assist with nasal valve obstruction with the use of what are called spreader grafts. Spreader grafts work by “spreading” open the nasal valve and allowing decreased resistance through this region and more airflow.

In some cases, this may widen the middle of the nose slightly. However, this may make the nose more aesthetically pleasing and balanced.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty specialist and a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston seeing patients from Katy, Sugarland, Memorial, and Spring - Cypress.

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