The Vertical Facelift by Houston Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Funk

What is a Vertical Facelift?

Some patients develop jowling while at the same time have a deflated appearance above the jowls and below the cheek. In these patients, the SMAS and fat that have resulted in jowling have descended from this area. A vertical lift suspends this SMAS and fat from the jowls in a vertical direction into the deflated area. This also can help with mild neck skin laxity

Dr. Funk's Experience with Vertical Lifts

I have now been using more of a vertical vector for my facelift technique and have noticed a considerable improvement in patients’ jowls and their neck. I recognized that the aging process in the face and neck occurs more in a vertical fashion and there is descent of tissues in that direction. I thought, why not suspend the tissues back in that direction. I am tightening the neck less under the chin and suspending things superiorly.

Recovery Time

The vertical facelift does require me to place the incision a little higher in the temple but this is very well hidden in the junction of the hairline and temple. I have found that this type of facelift leads to a shorter recovery time and much less bruising and swelling.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, TX performing facelift and neck lift surgery.

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