What is an Ethnic Nose Job?

Many surgeons tout themselves as experts in ethnic rhinoplasty or nose surgery. We must first ask ourselves what is an ethnic nose? Are people of “ethnicity” limited to African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanics or does this include someone who may be of Indian or Pakistani descent? What about the middle eastern nose or the Persian nose? Well, the majority of rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is actually done in all these “ethnicities” so if you are a rhinoplasty expert you must also be a ethnic rhinoplasty expert. Caucasians of European descent may feel that they have an “ethnic” nose due to a hump or wide nose. This may be due to ancestry that may have been from the Middle East, Far East, or even Africa.

What is most important in rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is to respect a person’s ethnicity and wishes for their nose. Creating a nose that someone of Scandinavian descent may have for a Pakistani woman will look operated and unnatural. A good balance must be attained for each person’s nose. The most important thing about the nose is that it should blend right into the face and not distract from the other features. An operated appearing nose may do that and this may occur if a patient’s ethnicity is not considered by the surgeon.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty or nose surgery expert in Houston, Texas.

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