When can I have a revision rhinoplasty?

A common question when patients call my office for an appointment is when can they have a revision rhinoplasty after having an unsatisfactory result with another surgeon. The answer here is that it depends. Revision rhinoplasty is a complex operation that requires planning and preparation. It is imperative that the nose has healed from the first surgery and most of the swelling has resolved so there is a baseline to start. If the nose is still healing from the first surgery and an attempt at revision rhinoplasty is performed, there will be two healing processes ongoing making the ultimate results less predictable. In addition, if there is still significant swelling of the nose, the baseline of how the nose appears will not allow the surgeon to correct the proper issues effectively. Typically, most of the swelling is resolved by six months for the bridge, nasal bones, and middle of the nose. However, the tip of the nose has the thickest skin and may take 1-2 years for all the swelling to subside in this region.

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