Will I have packing after rhinoplasty?

Nasal packing after rhinoplasty, nose surgery, or sinus surgery is a method employed by some surgeons to help prevent a nose bleed after surgery.

After rhinoplasty, I rarely if every use any nasal packing. I would say that in about 5% of my rhinoplasty patients, there is significant enough bleeding during surgery that packing the nose is warranted. The packing I place is very light and gently removed the following day. Gone are the days of rhinoplasty where we heard people telling tales of yards and yards of packs removed from their nose. I feel that if surgery is performed without significant trauma to the tissues and pain is controlled afterwards, packing is unnecessary. I believe packing can cause postoperative pain and discomfort in many patients.

After endoscopic sinus surgery, I may place very small packs deep inside the nose to keep the sinus openings patent. These packs are removed on postoperative day 5. There is little discomfort from these packs and most of my patients don’t even know they were there.

Dr. Funk is a nose surgery specialist in Houston, TX and performs rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and septoplasty regularly.

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