How soon can I have revision rhinoplasty?

Many patients seeking revision rhinoplasty are told they need to wait to allow the wound healing process to be completed or for swelling to go down after their initial rhinoplasty surgery. The answer as to when can revision rhinoplasty be performed after the initial surgery is that it depends….

If after a few months where the majority of the swelling has subsided and you are still quite unhappy with your nose, this is something you should discuss with your rhinoplasty surgeon. This could still be due to swelling or the wound healing process. However, if your nose is quite crooked between the 3-6month mark or you still have a nasal hump, or the tip is not rotated sufficiently, then you will eventually likely need a revision.

Simple revision such as adding a small graft, rasping down more of a hump, or fixing a deviated septum can be done at 6 months. However, a major revision that will require an open approach to correct a crooked nose, rebuild the dorsum or redo the tip, should probably wait until one year after surgery to allow the wound healing process to be completed and all the swelling to subside.

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