Will a facelift require liposuction

Many of my Houston facelift patients desire improvment to their neck in addition to their jowls, jawline, and flat cheeks.  Neck laxity and submental fullness may need to be treated with a facelift and neck lift. If there is significant fullness in the neck due to excess fat, liposuction of the neck may be needed to contour the neck at the same time the suspension of the muscle or neck lift is performed. Many times there is little fat in the neck and therefore liposuction is not needed but a platysmaplasty and neck suspension is required.  Lastly, there are times when only a mini facelift or short scar facelift is required and no neck lift is necessary, just a facelift to suspend the jowls and the cheeks.  


Dr. Funk performs facelift surgery in Houston, Texas. 

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