Repeat facelift surgery

Some of my Houston facelift patients have had a previous facelift or necklift many years prior and now need another facelift or neck lift.  They may have been unhappy with their original facelift or simply feel the effects of aging and need another facelift.  

Repeat facelift or necklift is a surgery that requires attention to detail.  The previous scars may need to be revised.  The SMAS is thinner requiring delicate dissection.  The facial nerve, responsible for facial movements, may be exposed.  The neck may not have been addressed during the original surgery and now may require a platysmaplasty or liposuction of the neck.  

It is important to seek an experience facelift surgeon when considering a repeat facelift for these reasons.  


Dr. Funk is a facial plastic surgeon performing facelift and necklift surgery in Houston.

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