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Repairing a collapsed valve after rhinoplasty

Many of my Houston revision rhinoplasty and Houston rhinoplasty patients who present to my office have issues with their nasal breathing.  This may be due to a deviated septum, enlarged turbiantes, or nasal valve collapse.  The nasal valves are areas of the nose with the highest resistance to nasal airflow.  There are actually two valves in the nose which are the internal nasal valve, deeper in the nose, and external nasal valve, close to the nostrils.

Valve collapse after rhinoplasty may occur due to overresection of the cartilage, insufficient support after a large hump is reduced, or not addressing the initial valve collapse present.  Repairing a collapsed valve usually involves cartilage grafts.  These grafts may come from the septum while fixing a deviated septum, or from ear cartilage.  These grafts could be spreader grafts, alar batten grafts or alar rim grafts.  

Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston Texas.

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