Will weight loss change my rhinoplasty?

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients will ask if the design of their nose should be accounted for future weight loss or gain before their rhinoplasty.  Other may state that they have gained weight and want their nose to match their slimmer face from before as they plan on losing weight.  

Rhinoplasty, or reshaping the nose, is a cosmetic procedure designed to create a softer, less attention grabbing, yet natural nose.  For women, creating a more elegant, refined, delicate nose may be important whereas for male rhinoplasty keeping a strong profile to keep masculine changes.  Rhinoplasty is made proportionate to the rest of the face in regards more to the bony anatomy of the cheeks, forehead and chin.  Changes in the soft tissues and fat are not as critical for designing a nose in relation to the face.


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