Will a mini facelift help my neck?

Many of my Houston facelift patients main concern lies with their jowls and jawline.  Their neck may bother them some, but they will state that their main concern is their jowls.  When performing a mini facelift, Dr. Funk's incisions are mainly in front of the ear and do not extend as far back behind the ear.  However, his dissection will elevate under the muscle in the deep plane and this dissection will extend into the neck.  Despite not elevating the neck skin, the platysma muscle in the neck will be tightened with a mini facelift due to the deep plane dissection, elevation, and suspension.  This will help tighten the neck some in patients with minimal neck laxity and some platysmal banding.  


Dr. Funk is a top facelift surgeon in Houston.  

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