Will a facelift tighten my neck?

Many of my Houston facelift patients who are most concerned about their jowls, deep smile line, and flat, low cheeks may also be concerned slightly about their neck.  They may not have the classic turkey gobbler neck or significant amounts of loose skin but just a small amount of loose skin under the chin and lower neck.  With these patients, a deep plane facelift where we do not elevate all the skin in the neck through an incision under the chin will still tighten the neck.  The SMAS in the face which is a coninuation of the platysma muscle in the neck is suspended in the face to tighten the jawline and raise the cheeks.  This will also tighten the platysma in the neck as the SMAS and platysma are connected.  This will tighten the neck and help with some of the loose skin in the neck without having to perform a full neck lift.  


Dr. Funk is a facelift surgeon in Houston Texas.  

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