Surgery for a broken nose

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients will admit they had previous trauma to their nose.  A broken nose due to trauma can be addressed in multiple ways.  If they injury was recent and the nose is crooked, a minor procedure called a closed reduction of nasal fracture can be performed where the bones are reset to midline.  This can usually only be done within the first 2-3 weeks of the fracture.  After that, the bones have started to heal and it is more difficult to manipulate.  

If more time has passed since the injury (3-6 months), a formal rhinoplasty for a broken crooked nose can be performed.  Here, the bones are refractured and reset to midline.  This is a more involved procedure where recovery is 8-10 days.


Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston Texas. 

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