Thread lift vs facelift

Many of my Houston facelift patients have asked about the possibility of thread lifts instead of a facelift.

 Thread lifts began to gain popularity in the mid 2000's and at first were performed with permanent barbed suture that would theoretically lift the tissues in a vericolateral direction similar to a facelift.  The results were very temporary, not as impressive as a facelift, and most patients stated they lost correction after 3-6months.  In addition, these permanent threads began to work their way out of the skin or "spit" over time.  

In the late 20teens, thread lifts made an emergence but now with an absorbable suture that lasts about 6months called PDS.  The cosmetic results were similar to the permanent threads but less side effects of sutures spitting.

There is currently not a substitution for the classic face and neck lift in terms of cosmetic results.  Yes, the downtime is longer.  Yes, it requires anesthesia and incisions.  However, as my old mentor would say, there is no free lunch.


Dr. Funk performs facelifts in Houston Texas.  

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