Browlift or upper eyelid surgery?

Many of my eyelid surgery and browlift Houston patients with heavy or hooded upper eyelids present for consultation wanting upper eyelid surgery.  With some of these patients, the answer may not lie in the upper eyelids alone for surgery but more with the eyebrows.  


The female eyebrow should lie above the bony superior orbital rim.  If the brow is at the rim or lower and there is hooding of the upper eyelid, a browlift may be the answer for the issue.  An endoscopic browlift is performed through 5 small incisions in the hair bearing scalp and elevates the brow in the midline and laterally.  During this browlift, the muscles for frowning between the brows can be cut.  


Dr. Funk performs brow lifts and upper eyelid surgery for hooding in Houston Texas.

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