What is a deep plane facelift?

Many of my Houston deep plane facelift patients are not aware of the different styles and types of facelifts that many surgeons employ.  Dr. Funk specializes in the deep plane facelift where the SMAS and platysma are elevated and the cutaneous ligaments are released allowing for a more impressive and longer lasting facelift.  This also allows for better volume for the midface and a more defined and convex jawline.  Of course, this facelift addresses the jowls and neck and midface and elevates tissues in a verticolateral fashion.  The deep plane facelift does require eperience, skill, dedication, and understanding by the patient.  Recovery from a deep plane facelift may be 5 days longer than traditional simple SMAS facelift due to swelling and irregularities but in the long term, it is totally worth it.


Dr. Funk performs deep plane facelift surgery in Houston Texas.

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