Filler or lower eyelid surgery for bags under the eyes?

Many of my Houston patients who are intersted in treatment for lower eyelid bags are searching for non-surgical options.  One of the injectable filler options for lower eyelid bags is to fill the depression under the bags to allow them to blend in better with the lower eyelids and cheek.  Using filler for the lower eyelids can be performed in the office with very little recovery.  Filler will provide about a 40-50% improvement in dark circles under the eyes and is temporarty lasting about 9-12 months.  

Surgery for lower eyelid bags is called lower blepharoplasty which will address the bags under the eyes and with fat repositioning can correct the dark circles and provide a better transition between the lower eyelids and cheek.  Surgery is a permanent solution for lower eyelids and will provide about a 80-90% improvement that is more permanent.  


Dr. Funk performs eyelid surgery in Houston.  

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