Rhinoplasty recovery time

An important question for many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients is the recovery time after rhinoplasty.  Recovery after rhinoplasty with Dr. Funk is usually about 8 days.  You can expect to have a cast and tape on your nose for the first 6 days.  After this is removed, you nose will be retaped for 2-4 more days depending on the amount of work performed, amount of swelling, and thickness of your nasal skin.  Once this tape is removed, you are social.   You could return to work, see friends, and feel normal.  Bruising, if any occurs,  should be resolved by this stage.   Of course your nose will still be swollen, but not to the point where anyone would notice unless they knew you had surgery.  2 weeks after rhinoplasty, full work-out routine may be resumed.  


Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston Texas.

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