Mini facelift or full facelift?

Many of my Houston facelift patients are confused by the extensive terminology when it comes to facelift techniques.  Many of the terms describe the type of facelift or neck lift while others describe the extent of dissection.  When it comes to facelifts, Dr. Funk likes to break it down to three areas.  The midface, which encompasses the upper cheek and temple area, the jawline and jowl area, and the neck.  A midface lift would elevate the cheek tissues and improve the smile lines while a lower facelift addresses the jowls.  Including the neck would address submental fullness, plastysmal bands, and neck skin laxity.


A mini facelift may be defined differently by every surgeon as this does not describe the anatomic extent of dissection with a facelift.  Generally speaking, it does not include the neck or a platysmaplasty.  Some may refer to a mini facelift as a short scar facelift.  

A deep plane facelift refers to the extent of dissection.  This type of facelift elevates the platysma and the SMAS and releases the deep retaining ligaments in the face and neck.  This provides a more impressive, longer lasting facelift.


Dr. Funk performs facelift surgery in Houston Texas.  

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