Eyelid surgery with dry eyes

Many of my Houston eyelid surgery patients may have a history of dry eye having to use rewetting drops prior to eyelid surgery.  This is important to note especially with upper eyelid surgery.  During upper eyelid surgery, excess skin is removed to create a more open eyed and refreshed appearance.  The eyelid skin lies just over the upper eyelid muscle responsible for eyelid closure and the blink reflex.  This blink reflex will be delayed after surgery leading to the cornea being less bathed with tear fluid.  Patients with a history of dry eye may develop worsening symptoms initially.  It is important to keep the cornea bathed during the day with artificial tears and ointment at night.  As long as a conservative change is made to the upper eyelid, these patients' dry eye should return to baseline.  


Dr. Funk performs upper eyelid surgery in Houston.

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