Does Dr. Funk perform Virtual Rhinoplasty Consultations?

Many rhinoplasty patients will inquire with our office if Dr. Funk will perform a virtual consultation, especially out of state rhinoplasty patients.  Dr. Funk feels it is important for out of state patients to not have to travel for a consultation only to find out they may not be a good candidate for rhinoplasty.  Therefore, our protocol at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery has out of state patients email photographs of their nose along with a description of their concerns and desires.  After the patient has a discussion with our patient care coordinator and Dr. Funk reviews the photos, it will be decided if he feels you are a good candidate for surgery and an appointment for in person consultation will be arranged.  If the patient desires to book surgery for the following day after the consultation to avoid traveling twice, this can also be scheduled.


Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston Texas.  



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