Do I need a Browlift or Upper Blepharoplasty?

Many of my Houston blepharoplasty patients come in desiring a change in their hooded eyelid appearance with a tired look.  Upper eyelid surgery can help with the crepe upper eyelid skin and upper eyelid hooding.  However, the eyebrows must be examined to assure the patient does not have brow ptosis or low seated eyebrows.  This may require a browlift in order to create a more open eyed and refreshed appearance.  This is especially true for female patients.  Browlifts in male patients are not as common due to a receding hairline or lack of hair and the fact that male patients' brows can reside lower than the female brow line.


Dr. Funk performs browlifts and blepharoplasty in Houston Texas.  

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