Monday, January 21, 2019

Rhinoplasty and pore size?

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients will ask if the pores on their nose will shrink in size after rhinoplasty. Porous skin can sometimes be a clear sign of thicker nasal skin. Although your pores will not get smaller after rhinoplasty, this is an important feature for the surgeon to note. Thicker nasal skin, especially in the tip of the nose, makes it more difficult to create a small refined tip. A rhinoplasty surgeon can make the cartilage more refined but the size of the tip will be more limited due to the thick skin. The nasal tip skin can be defatted and debunked but the skin cannot necessarily be thinned without damaging the blood supply to it.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Rhinoplasty with sinus surgery?

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients have recurrent sinus infection that require treatment and possible sinus surgery. Many want their sinuses treated at the same time as their rhinoplasty. Endoscopic sinus surgery can be performed with rhinoplasty or nose job surgery. I usually perform the sinus surgery first as the scope can push on the nostrils and alter the work that was performed on the tip cartilages if performed after the rhinoplasty.

Sinus surgery does require occasional cleaning with a scope in the office with deeper suctioning. I usually wait 10 days to perform this if rhinoplasty was performed at the same time as the sinus surgery as I do not want any of the incisions from the base reduction or open rhinoplasty approach to open up with the camera/scope going in and out.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ptosis repair with eyelid surgery

Some of my Houston eyelid surgery patients have uneven eyelids in addition to lower eyelid bags or excess skin of the upper eyelids. When one eyelid is a little lower than the other in relation to the globe or eyeball itself, this is called ptosis. Some may call it a lazy eye. With upper blepharoplasty alone, the excess skin is removed from the upper eyelid. However, in order to correct the asymmetry of the eyelids, ptosis repair must be performed with suspension of the tarsal plate of the upper eyelid.

Dr. Funk performs upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid bags surgery in Houston, TX.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Rhinoplasty for deviated septum

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients inquire as to whether rhinoplasty will correct their deviated septum. Septoplasty is actually the procedure that corrects a deviated septum, however, when performing rhinoplasty, any deviation in the septum should be addressed at the same time. Typically, cartilage from the septum is utilized for grafting purposes during the rhinoplasty. Therefore, when the cartilage is obtained from the septum, any of the deviated portions of the septum should be addressed.

Insurance can cover the septoplasty portion of rhinoplasty or any other functional issues such as turbinate reduction or nasal valve repair.

Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston Texas.

Monday, December 31, 2018

How long does a mini facelift last?

Many of my Houston facelift patients will ask how long a facelift will last. Others interested in just a mini facelift are also questioning how long the result for their jawline and jowls will last. The answer here is that it depends on the surgeon’s extent of dissection.

Facelifts, whether a mini facelift, full facelift, or face and neck lift, can vary based on the surgeon’s level of dissection. A skin flap is always elevated to reach the SMAS which is the fascia that is suspended with a facelift. With a neck lift, the skin over the neck is also elevated and the platysma muscle (which is the extension of the SMAS in the neck) is tightened. The DEPTH of dissection of the SMAS is what is the next most important aspect. With SMAS plication, it is not elevated and sutures are simply placed to suspend it. This is the shortest lasting (2-4 years) of facelifts and will not provide much improvement for the mid face or give as impressive of a lift. With SMAS elevation, there can be more suspension and a longer lasting/tighter lift (5-7 years). Lastly is the deep plane lift which Dr. Funk typically performs. With this lift, whether as a mini facelift or full face/neck lift, the ligaments holding the SMAS down are released giving the longest lasting and most impressive lift. This facelift will typically last 10-15 years before another may be needed.

Dr. Funk performs facelifts and mini facelifts in Houston.