Brow Lift Surgeon

Forehead wrinkles and droopy or sagging brows may be the first sign of aging as we head into our 30’s. This gives the appearance of a tired look and/or angry look to the face. A brow lift or forehead lift improves this look by elevating the eyebrows to a more aesthetic and youthful position. This also helps to improve the wrinkles between the brows, forehead wrinkles, and eyelid hooding.

The peak of women’s brows should lie approximately one centimeter above the bony rim above the eye at the level between the iris (colored portion of the eyeball) and the outside corner of the eye. In men, the brow should lie just along this bony rim. A brow lift or forehead lift will help provide harmony with a patient’s lower face who has undergone a facelift or neck lift..

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Types of Brow Lifts

Dr. Etai Funk utilizes several different types of techniques for a brow lift or forehead lift. Each technique has its advantages. You and Dr. Funk will discuss these techniques and together decide which would be most appropriate, and aesthetically pleasing for you.

Endoscopic Lifts

The endoscopic lift places five small incisions in the hairline and mainly provides a lift for the eyebrows. It can provide some improvement for the frown lines by resecting the muscles that cause these wrinkles, but will not improve the forehead wrinkles.

Open Brow Lift

The open browlift provides a longer-lasting lift to the brows and is capable of addressing the frown lines and the forehead wrinkles more efficiently than the endoscopic browlift. There are two types of open browlifts depending on the location of the incision. One incision runs about one inch behind the hairline from one temple to the other. This will raise the level of the frontal hairline and give the appearance of a slightly longer forehead. The other incision runs just at the frontal hairline but is otherwise the same along the temples. This allows the hairline to remain in the same position.

Mid-forehead browlift

This type of lift uses the prominent forehead wrinkles to hide the incision/scar. It is a type of lift that is typically used in men with receding hairlines or a balding scalp. Forehead wrinkles are not addressed.

Direct browlift

This lift utilizes the upper edge of the eyebrow to camouflage the incision. It is a procedure typically used in bald men without prominent forehead creases.

Forehead/Brow Lift Summary

Goals: To enhance the appearance of sagging brows or droopy brows and improve the appearance of forehead wrinkles and/or wrinkles between the eyebrows (frown lines).

After the Procedure: Most patients go home comfortably depending upon the type of brow lift or forehead lift.

Recovery: Recovery time ranges between 1-2 weeks. Depending on your type of work, you may return as early as 1 week. Full, strenuous physical activity should be avoided for 2 weeks after the procedure. Bruising can occur after surgery, which may be camouflaged with makeup. This generally resolves after 2 weeks. Most patients do not experience significant pain after surgery, but describe a feeling of tightness. We will prescribe analgesics to help alleviate this.

As a double-board-certified ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist and plastic surgeon, Dr. Funk’s extensive training and experience in advanced technologies ensure minimal bruising and reduced recovery time for facial surgery procedures. 

Can I have eyelid surgery and a brow lift?

Many of my Houston eyelid surgery patients are concerned about their saggy skin over their upper eyelids. What some of them do not realize is that a large component of this eyelid hooding is due to brow ptosis or the brows having fallen over the years leading to that heavy tired appearance to the eyes.

Some of these patients may benefit form a brow lift or forehead lift. There are many different types of brow lifts but the most common kind today is the endoscopic brow lift where small incisions are made in the hair bearing scalp and dissection is performed to release the brows and resuspend the entire forehead along with the brows to anchors in the bone. Some patients will not need upper eyelid surgery after their brow lift. Others, may require both the brow lift and the upper eyelid surgery.

What is an endoscopic forehead lift or endoscopic brow lift?

An endoscopic brow lift or forehead lift utilizes cameras and small incisions behind the hairline to tunnel and suspend the brows. This allows for shorter downtimes, minimal bruising, and a quicker recovery.

Am I a candidate for an endoscopic forehead lift?

Assuming that you are in good health with realistic expectations you may be an excellent candidate for this procedure. Dr Funk always aims to achieve a natural look, avoiding the "surprised" look. During your consultation, Dr Funk will thoroughly evaluate your aging-pattern and recommend the procedure that will best fit your needs.

How will you determine which type of brow-lift is best for me?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on which brow lift is best. The amount of forehead wrinkling, the height of the forehead, the location of the hairline, the color and texture of the hair, the amount the brows have dropped, and the recovery time desired.

Are brow lift or forehead lift incisions visible?

Brow lift incisions are strategically placed behind or just at the hairline to camouflage the scar easily. Depending on the type of forehead lift, incisions may vary. Other incisions are hidden in the forehead wrinkles or just above the eyebrow.


How to get rid of frown lines without repeat Botox injections?

The muscles that cause frown lines (corrugator muscles) are cut or weakened permanently during a browlift or forehead lift. An open brow lift allows for better visualization of these muscles and permanent resection. The endoscopic brow lift allows limited visualization and therefore incomplete resection.

How to correct sagging in the corners of my eyelids or eyebrows?

This is called hooding and can be easily corrected with a browlift. The brows are suspended along the outer portion in order to treat this hooding concern.