Male Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery for men is becoming more and more popular. A recent survey demonstrated that 1/3 of rhinoplasties today are performed in men. Special considerations must be addressed when performing male cosmetic nose surgery as opposed to rhinoplasty on females, and special considerations for male patients of different ethnicities.

Dr. Funk specializes not only in improving the appearance and proportion of the male nose with these considerations in mind, but also in enhancing facial harmony and self-confidence. Male rhinoplasty patients visit Dr. Etai Funk, MD, FACS from throughout Houston, TX including the Katy, Memorial City, Memorial, The Woodlands, Spring Cypress, and Sugar Land areas. Dr. Funk also sees patients from throughout Texas, out of state, and even overseas.

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Considerations of Rhinoplasty for Men

One of the most important aspects of rhinoplasty in males is maintaining masculinity to the nose and not giving a feminine appearance. If there is a nasal hump that needs to be reduced, the dorsum or bridge of the nose must stay strong and straight and avoid a scooped or sloped appearance.

The male nose should not have a pinched nasal tip as this may give the appearance of an operated nose and unnatural result. The angle of rotation of the nasal tip after rhinoplasty in males should be between 90 to 100 degrees. Over-rotating the tip of the nose after a nose job can lead to a feminine tip with too much nostril show.

Rhinoplasty for men is frequently done in conjunction with a chin implant. Many men would like a stronger jawline or feel their chin is too recessed. Making the nose less prominent with rhinoplasty and providing a stronger chin can add to the masculinity of the face while making the nose less noticeable. Dr. Funk can provide details on what type and size of implant best suit your face.

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A crooked nose is a common concern for men seeking rhinoplasty or nose surgery. The crooked or canted nose is difficult to correct as it may be due to crooked nasal bones, crooked cartilage, and/or a deviated septum. Cartilage and bone have memory and want to move back to their original position. Frequently, controlled fractures of the bone must be made, and cartilage grafts will need to be placed to correct a crooked nose. Deviated septum surgery or a septoplasty may also need to be performed.

Many men have difficulty breathing through their nose and need their nasal airway addressed simultaneously with any cosmetic concerns they may have. Correcting breathing issues due to a deviated septum, valve collapse, or turbinate hypertrophy can all be performed simultaneously as rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery. Many of Dr. Funk's Houston male patients come in stating they have trouble breathing through the nose and, while you are there, ask to have their nose straightened or a hump/bump reduced.

What makes male rhinoplasty unique from female rhinoplasty?

The goals in male rhinoplasty can be significantly different than in femal rhinoplasty.  Most male rhinoplasty patients typically have two major cosmetic concerns.  A crooked nose and/or a nasal hump.  It is important in male rhinoplasty to maintain if not improve nasal function, keep a strong straight masculine profile, and not over-rotate the tip of the nose.  Male nose should also not be made too slender or narrow.

What are the most common concerns for male rhinoplasty patients?

Most often, my male rhinoplasty patients in Houston present with breathing or functional issues due to a deviated septum.  The top cosmetic concerns for male patients are a crooked nose followed by a nasal hump.