Neck Lift Procedures

"A sagging neck can truly give away your age", explains Dr. Funk. It is the most overlooked area when patients undergo a face and neck lift. A neck lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed to restore a sagging neck (double chin or turkey neck) to a more youthful state. A neck lift can be performed alone, but is often performed in conjunction with a face lift. However, certain people may not want or need a facelift, and a necklift alone may be suitable for them.

Overview of Neck Lifts

Goal: To improve the appearance of a blunted or sagging neck.

The Procedure: The procedure will vary based upon your anatomy and the cause of your loose neck skin. Typically, the deeper neck muscles are tightened, and extra skin and fat is removed from the neck. All of the incisions are placed around your ear, hairline, and chin crease in order to camouflage them. The incisions for neck liposuction alone are small and hidden within these same regions.

Recovery: Recovery time ranges between 1-2 weeks. Depending on your type of work, you may return as early as 1 week. Full, strenuous physical activity should be avoided for 2 weeks after the procedure. Bruising can occur after surgery, which may be camouflaged with makeup. This generally resolves after 2 weeks. Most patients do not experience any real pain after surgery, but describe a discomfort from the feeling of tightness. We will prescribe analgesics to help alleviate this.

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How is a neck lift different than a facelift?

A neck lift is performed with an incision under the chin and incisions only BEHIND the ears where the facelift extends the incisions in front of the ears.  A neck lift does just what  it says -  addresses the neck.  It will not improve the jowls, marionette lines, cheeks or jawline.  For these improvements, a facelift is required.

What is a necklift?

Paients commonly request an improvement in their "double chin" or "sagging neck." A neck lift is performed to correct this and restore a more youtful contour to the neck.

How is a neck lift performed?

There are several reasons for a falling neck. In younger people, fullness of the neck may be caused by excess fat alone. In these cases, neck liposuction or direct excision of neck fat is performed to improve neck contour.

Commonly, older patients may notice the neck bands which are muscle bands that have stretched over time. In addition, the skin has loosened and become redundant. In these patients, the neck musculature is tightened, and extra skin is removed in order to a restore more youthful neck contour.

Will the scars be visible?

All of the incisions are placed in strategic areas so that they are camouflaged and not noticeable.

Do men have this procedure?

Yes. Men commonly present requesting a neck lift, and are excellent candidates for this procedure.

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