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Non-Surgical Procedures

Injectable treatments such as Botox, Dysport, Restylane, and Juvederm have become extremely popular over the last 20 years both locally here in Houston and globally. There are many reasons why Botox and filler have gained such a steady following and continued to get patients to return for injections. Here are some of the reasons these injections are so well liked.

  1. Minimal discomfort – this can be mitigated even more with ice, numbing creams, and local nerve blocks
  2. Minimal downtime – mild swelling or bruising with fillers may last 2-3 days, but otherwise, patients are back to normal the following day
  3. Safety – some of these injectables have now been FDA approved for cosmetic purposes for over 15 years. Many fillers are synthetically made of hyaluronic acid – a naturally found building block in our body
  4. Duration – Botox and Dysport last 3-4 months while fillers such as Restylane can last 6-9 months and Juvederm, Voluma, or Sculptra up to 2 years. This is significantly improved from 3 months for collagen
  5. Injectable treatments can be done in the office and typically take less than ½ hour
  6. Cost – Botox, Dysport and fillers can be much more affordable than undergoing surgery
  7. Prevention – younger patients in their 20’s are now getting Botox and Dysport to help prevent the formation of future wrinkles
  8. Bridge – Patients in their 40’s and 50’s are waiting longer to undergo surgical procedures by receiving injectable treatments in the interim

Facial Fillers

Dr. Etai Funk, MD trains dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other physicians and injectors throughout Houston in Dysport, Restylane and Perlane injections.

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dr. Etai Funk recommends nonsurgical rhinoplasty as an alternative method of reshaping or repairing noses for those who are not good candidates for surgery.

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Botox & Dysport

Etia Funk MD is an injector trainer for Dysport, the Botox alternative from the same makers of Restylane. He trains dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other physicians and injectors throughout Houstin in Dysport, Restylane and Perlane injections.

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Lip Augmentation

Dr. Etai Funk has an intimate understanding of the anatomy of the lips and understands what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye when it comes to the lips.

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RF Micro-Needling

RF micro-needling is best for treating acne scars, resurfacing of skin color, and tightening/firming skin.

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Facial Resurfacing

This is the final stage of rejuvenation. The fine polish, finish, or paint job on the skin after the tissues have been repositioned with surgery and the deflated aspects of the face refreshed with fillers or fat.

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Prolonging Botox & Fillers

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Kybella Chin Injections

Dr. Funk is one of the first doctors in Houston to offer Kybella injections for treating chin fat.

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Topical Skin Care

See our new a new topical skin care line that will help create and maintain a more youthful, glowing, and vibrant appearance for your facial skin.

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