Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Revision rhinoplasty is a type of corrective surgery performed on patients who have had previous rhinoplasty or septoplasty from another surgeon. Revision rhinoplasty addresses the aesthetic and/or functional aspects of the nose.  Unlike initial rhinoplasty or nose surgery, revision of a bad nose job or unsatisfactory result after rhinoplasty is a much more difficult operation.  Scar tissue makes the dissection of the nose much more challenging and cartilage can be very weak and scarce. 

Houston facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Etai Funk, understands that patients who feel they may have had a bad nose job can lead to many discouraging feelings. Whether you have a pinched tip, collapsed cartilage, or slooped nose after rhinoplasty, Dr. Funk specializes in revision rhinoplasty and receives multiple consultations from referring physicians, patients, and their families throughout Houston and all over Texas for this purpose. If he feels as though improvement is possible with revision rhinoplasty, he works with you to provide you not only with a pleasing result, but a memorable and enjoyable surgical course.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, many revision rhinoplasty patients complain of difficulty breathing after their initial rhinoplasty or nose job surgery. This may be due to over-resection of cartilage in the tip or valve collapse leading to obstruction of the nasal airway. In addition, a deviated septum or turbinate hypertophy may not have been addressed during the first surgery leading to continued difficulty breathing. Dr. Funk is Double Board Certified as a facial plastic surgeon and ENT surgeon and is experienced in performing revision rhinoplasties for both cosmetic and functional purposes.

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