Rhinoplasty Surgery Process


Dr. Funk takes pride in his extensive consultation with each patient.  He makes sure to understand his patients’ concerns and desires for their ideal aesthetic result.  Dr. Funk believes that the goal with rhinoplasty is not to create a nose that HE feels is aesthetically pleasing but to give YOU the nose that YOU want.  This is what makes a happy patient.  If you want to keep a straight bridge without a gentle curve or slope or do not want your tip rotated with nose surgery, he makes sure to honor these requests and wishes. 

Dr. Funk will provide a thorough examination of the external and internal aspects of your nose.  If there is a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates, he will discuss this with you, what it means, and what can be done to address these issues.  Photographs will be taken and Dr. Funk personally will sit with you and loved ones while making digital changes to your photos.  He feels that this allows both surgeon and patient to be on the same page regarding the desired outcome.  Dr. Funk will personally review actual before and after images of patients who have similar features to your nose and have undergone rhinoplasty with him.

Your consultation will end with our patient care coordinator discussing your quote for surgery and insurance benefits if you have breathing issues.  She will assist with scheduling your surgery and accommodating your needs up to the date of the procedure. If your surgery has been postponed due to COVID-19, please visit here for more information.

Preoperative Appointment

Your preoperative appointment, or preop, typically occurs the day prior to your procedure.  On this day, you will spend a considerable amount of time with our patient care coordinator who will provide prescriptions and detailed instructions on what to expect after your rhinoplasty and how to care for the nose after your surgery.  You will also meet with Dr. Funk once more to assure the two of you are in agreement regarding the goals for the surgery.  Images may be reviewed once more during your preop with Dr. Funk.

Day of Surgery

On your day of surgery, it is important to note that Dr. Funk has performed your rhinoplasty in his mind 3-4 times already - on the day of your consultation, at your preop, and the morning of surgery.  Dr. Funk will perform your rhinoplasty at an accredited surgery center with an anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, nurse, and surgical technician.  Dr. Funk insists on having the same team for your surgery.  This way, they understand his routine and things run much more smoothly.  Rhinoplasty duration varies but usually takes 2-3 hours.  You will be in recovery for about one hour and then be discharged home. 

Recovery After Rhinoplasty

Recovery after rhinoplasty is typically about 8 days until you are feeling social.  Dr. Funk will provide you with medications to take orally and certain medications will also be given in the operating room through your IV to minimize your bruising and swelling.   Dr. Funk does not use any packing or splints that may cause pain and headaches.  He uses a gentle technique and maximizes hemostasis, avoiding bleeding, to make for a more comfortable and easier recovery with minimal bruising.  Dr. Funk sees patients for their first postoperative visit 5-6 days after surgery.  The nose is then retaped for 2-3 days. 

Recovery Timeline

Recovery Time  

8-10 days

Average Procedure Time  

2-3 hours

Post-op Follow-up  

6 days

Return to Work-Out routine

2 weeks

Procedure Recovery Location