Read what Dr. Funk's patients are saying about Rhinoplasty & Facelift procedures at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery. We strive to offer the best results and service in the Houston area.

I developed a basil-cell carcinoma on my ear. Following Moh's surgery to successfully remove the affected area (it looked like Mike Tyson had bitten off part of my ear), Dr. Funk rebuilt the ear to a normal appearance. Friends who were following my progress say that it's hard to determine that there was an issue at all. Dr. Funk did an outstanding job of reconstructing the missing tissue and cartilage. I highly recommend his services; very professional and caring.

"I would like to take this moment to extend a special thanks to Dr. Funk. He is simply the greatest! For the first time after a long period, I can actually breathe easily without whistling! I really appreciate his friendship and utmost professional approach in solving my breathing problem."

"I am a 49 years old male and have been suffering with breathing difficulties for the past 5 years after two unsuccessful nasal surgeries. Beforehand, I sought many opinions (around 10) from well-known physicians around the Houston Medical Center before meeting Dr Funk. I established criteria in ranking each physician’s abilities and willingness to care for my problem. Unfortunately, my assessment indicated that none of the physicians demonstrated a precious and complete understanding of my problem and/or how to move forward with a treatment plan. This was the case until I met Dr. Funk during Fall of 2011. From the very first visit, I came to realize that not only he is extremely sincere and caring towards his patients but very meticulous with his treatment plan."

"In my opinion, nothing is too important to him besides his patients’ welfare. While examining me, he highlighted several important surgical corrections and the associated risks that I would need to understand before the surgery would be scheduled. I was told by my wife that the surgery lasted almost 5 hours and according to Dr. Funk, my case was one of the most difficult case that he encountered in 2011/2012 (among the top 3 he said)! It has been almost 6 weeks since my surgery. My breathing has improved significantly. My septum perforation has also healed with no problem. During the last six weeks, I have visited Dr. Funk once a week. He always smiled and carefully examined me to ensure that I am on the right recovery path. His staff is great and always worked hard to get me in right of way. Overall, my experience has been fantastic and I would highly recommend Dr. Funk without any reservation. If you are looking for a sincere, energetic, talented and honest facial doc, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Funk. In a short and in my opinion, there is no one better in Houston when it comes to nose treatments."

Absolutely the best! I highly recommend Dr. Funk. Between a third to half of my nose was removed due to skin cancer. It was up to Dr. Funk to put me back together and he did! Post surgery and to this day, none of my closes friends and relatives have noticed anything different. The only way they know is if I tell them. So put yourself in the good hands of Dr. Funk and his staff!